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Mr Coco Potting Mix Block
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100% coconut fibre!




About Mr CoCo Potting Mix

Mr CoCo potting mix is compressed coconut fibre and will expand  to 5 times its compressed volume  2.5kg 30Litres.  The block will absorb about 12 litres of water as it expands and hydrates.  This means that each block used as a potting mix has a reservoir of 12 litres of water!  One of the properties of coir is that it holds water really well—so when its hot and dry there is extra water in store for your plants and they require less watering. 


Mr Coco potting mix is 100% natural plant material.  It comes from the outer husk of the coconut which is grown in large plantations inland, away from the sea, in Sri Lanka.  The coconuts are grown for the oil and coconut meat so this is utilising the waste product making it 100% sustainable.


The Mr CoCo potting mix is made up of different grades of coir mixed together to give a lovely growing media—some fibre, chunks and fines.  It is lighter than bark potting mixes in the pot or container making it easier to shift.  It is also soft for good root growth in your plants.


 Potting Mix Instructions


How to Hydrate
Hydrate the block(s) in wheelbarrow or tub.  Fluff up the mix with your hands when fully hydrated to separate.  2.5kg expands to 30L +.


Add appropriate fertilizer at this point:

Mr CoCo Complete Fertilizer Sachet  for 2.5kg block   or  Mr CoCo Control Release Fertilizer @ 150gms for your 2.5kg block.


Pot up the plants but don’t compress too much when filling pot or planter.  Either before planting and/or after planting thoroughly flush the container so excess water is draining freely from the bottom.  WARNING this leachate contains brown tannins and can stain fresh, unsealed light coloured concrete.

Coir is naturally high in potassium and sodium, so flushing will help remove the excess to give a more balanced media for your plant.  Dolomite and gypsum add vitally needed calcium and magnesium, and some iron sulphate will balance the iron.  Iron will change the colour from terracotta brown to dark brown/black so if it changes colour then that's good!

Tip for successful coir Potting Mix
The key to successful growing in coir media is giving the media a good flush to start with.  Once flushed then let the mix dry out.  Now its flushed don’t overwater as it does hold moisture really well.



          Big Flush    Big dry       Normal light watering      =     Successful Growing


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